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2013-02-05 About us

Cultural Centre of Pelplin is an institution which aims at integrating local society with active participation in cultural events and activities, as well as promotion of regional culture and shaping habitants’ attitude eager to develop artistic interests and respect culture heritage.

The most important events during the year in Pelplin’s community are Days of Pelplin, Cistercian’s Fair, Festival of Regional Culture (region: Kociewie), Festival of Poetry in memory of Janusz Pasierb and other seasonal occasions. The Community Centre is involved in organization of these events and facilitate them with artistic setting like concerts.

The Community Centre also provide with variety of artistic activities which take place on regular basis during the year. Currently these are:

  • art classes for children and youth
  • embroidery and needle-craft classes
  • dance classes for children, youth and adults
  • music activities: guitar and vocal classes, music bands
  • theatre classes
  • wind instruments orchestra

A manager of the Cultural Centre is Piotr Łaga.

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